Sewing Class

Adults and teens will be able to learn how to sew and how to sew with different types of sew materials. Fill out this form to register for this class

T Shirt Art

Class will teach the basics of creating wearable art using various materials


Painting with acrylics, watercolors, faux stain glass and more

Saturday CHESS at SOS

Chess lessons, Life Skills, Math, Critical thinking, Flexibility, Patience -planning, How to lose and come back from it. And more – always more


What is the purpose of this think tank? Gain knowledge and skills and apply them. What is the purpose of this think tank specifically? Leadership | Effective communication (oral & written) Critical thinking |Public speaking | Investments | Travel Entrepreneurship | Gig Economy | Research | Serving Organization | Financial literacy | Your Voice amplified […]

Learning About Business

Starting your own business, can be a casual conversation. But, if you are ready to get more information, join us for this/these session (s). We will keep it simple, as we step through our talks. What do you need to do? What is Gig Economy? What kind of businesses can I start with no money? […]

Cooking with your Parents/Guardian

We will teach easy/simple meals and snacks you can prepare together. Teaching meal prep andhow to make many preparations out of one foundation. Correct measurements, oven times, food handling & storing. Fill out this form to register for this class