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The SOS Center Garden of Hope Program Goals

“To improve academic performance for each academic school year.”

  • Our Goal is to improve educational outcomes for the students we serve…
  • Our Goal is to enhance the social skills for the students we serve…
  • Our Goal is to establish lasting relationships through mentoring…


  • Homework assistance in Math & Reading.
  • Provide devotional guidance and instruction.
  • We commit to providing an atmosphere of peace, discipline, compassion and love.

We provide a snack and meal to fully round out the students’ opportunities to learn.

Measures Of Success:

  • Benchmark academic levels of each student using their schools testing and assessment data.
  • Activities are designed to reinforce good mannered behavior and improve faith driven life skill outcomes.
  • To see the children enjoy the opportunity to play, interact, learn and socialize in an environment of hope, love and respect.
  • Be outgoing, jovial and happy in a diverse neighborhood and community.


  • To improve academic performance for each student.
  • Learn about and how to use the Bible.
  • Prepare for meals by praying, waiting patiently to be served and use these newfound faith-based skills in their daily lives.
  • Promote healthy conversations between children and their teachers, adult volunteers, each other and their parents in an environment that is safe, secure and respectful where a trusting relationship can continue to evolve through positive reinforcement.
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