Born To Lead

Born To Lead


BLCL’s mission is to build Christian leaders that help shape the future of the world. Our goal is to encourage one another; enjoy and spread joy, to deal forth-rightly and effectively with the many common problems faced by youth.

In 2015 the BLCL was established as a part of the SOS Center. Their goal is to deal forth-rightly and effectively with the many common problems and joys faced by youth. Through their actions the expression of their faith be evident. We believe in Christ and Him crucified and by grace we are saved.

Youth from the Urban Lutheran churches in Milwaukee with plans to expand to friends of these youth and those in the community.

Programs for the BLCL, will be for the purposes of addressing and enhancing Education, Experiences, Exposure, Relationships, Leadership and most importantly in all of this the works for Faith – for we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

BLCL will partner with businesses, and other groups and programs to gain comprehensive education on investing, financial planning and management program.

BLCL will bring in a variety of Professionals to conduct these sessions (some of which are Chess, Music, Study Habits, Planning, Investing, Languages)

BLCL will partner with local businesses, seek self-employment opportunities, develop a referral sheet, develop resumes, and seek other job training opportunities to establish cross training and develop working relationships.

Please consider adding us to your prayer list. Whether you are a financial contributor, a volunteer, a supporter, or a trainer we welcome you and have prayed for you as well. Also, our list is as follows…
Sponsorships – Partnerships – Scholarships – Speakers – Support Fundraisers – Participation – Events – Travel – Jobs/Training  – Contributions

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